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A.F. Suter have been manufacturing shellac since 1927 and today at our new facility in Kolkata India, we continue to produce high quality shellacs for food and pharmaceutical applications as well as Industrial applications.  These are supplied globally together with our complimentary ranges of waxes, gums and resins

Bleached Shellac

Bleached Shellac powder producing a dewaxed transparent solution or milky white wax containing…

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Shellac Flake

Historically, the most commonly-sold shellac is called "orange shellac", and was used extensively as a combination stain and protectant for wood panelling and cabinetry

Dewaxed Shellac Flake

Shellac is an excellent quick drying, non waterproof, finish. Shellac requires experience in order to be able to use it to its full potential. Flake form allows fresh quality shellac to be prepared and avoid waste.

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